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Complete Mobile Vehicle Valeting Service

Engine Steam Cleaning, Engine Bay, Under Bonnet & De-grease

This is a specialised service that is not included in any of our Set Valet Options. The engine will be sprayed with a detergent designed to remove oil and grease from the engine, engine compartment / bay and under-side of the bonnet. Then it will be rinsed off with the steam cleaner, dried and dressed. It is not advisable to pressure wash some engines. However, we can apply the detergent, then hand wash the engine, engine compartment and bonnet underside. Electrical parts like distributors and ECU's will be covered to keep them as dry as possible. On very rare occasions it may be difficult to start the vehicle until certain ancillaries have dried out!
  ..... Engine Steam Cleaned from 25 - Hand Cleaned from 30 - takes around 1-2 hours to complete..

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  This service can only be carried out at the owner's risk. 


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